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Kojic Acid Soap Skin Cleaning Facial Soap

Kojic Acid Soap Skin Cleaning Facial Soap

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Product Specification

Illuminate Your Complexion:

Unveil a radiant glow with our exclusive Japanese-inspired formula, meticulously crafted to diminish dark spots and harmonize skin tone. Ideal for use on the face, hands, neck, and more delicate areas, our soap nurtures a luminous, even complexion.

Vital Nutrients for Vibrant Skin:

Infused with a potent blend of Vitamin C, Retinol, and Collagen, our soap is your ally against dehydration, sun damage, and imperfections. Embrace the transformation to a supple, blemish-free, and glowing visage.

Turmeric - The Secret to Purity: 

Harness the purifying power of turmeric, integrated into our soap to cleanse and rebalance moisture. Combat sunburns, lines, and scars, and witness a revival in your skin’s health, potentially clearing acne with consistent use.

Revive and Exfoliate with Nature’s Best:

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Castile Olive Oil, our soap delves deep to rejuvenate and nourish areas affected by dark spots, leaving your skin revitalized.

Gentle and Safe Skincare:  

Crafted for daily indulgence, our turmeric soap is free from SLS and Parabens, making it a safe choice for most skin types. Activate its benefits with warm water, massage gently, and rinse, for a cleansing experience that pampers your skin.

Product information:
Specifications: Standard specifications
Applicable skin type: Universal
Efficacy: Kojic acid black spot freckle removing soap strip retinol anti-aging whitening hand brightening soap

Packing list:

Cleaning Facial Soap 65g* 2pcs

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